Edmonton Gold Traders


Sell your scrap gold and silver for cash.

Dealing with a relatively unknown company over the Internet can be quite daunting, especially when it requires you to send off your valuables in the post!

We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. If there's something we haven't covered, please call us at +1 4575-555-456 & we'll be happy to help.

Edmonton Gold-Traders (Canada) is a Canadian company, registered with Companies House. Every customer is invited to review our service once payment has been sent. To see what our customers are saying about us, please view our testimonials page.

  • All packages are handled under the supervision of CCTV surveillance.
  • Prior to opening a package, it is identified from the unique code printed on the shipping label.
  • The complete unopened package is weighed. Its weight is recorded on the envelope.
  • The package is opened under camera supervision. We check-off the items against the claim form and weigh them straight away.
The above procedures are followed to protect all parties in the transaction. Should a discrepancy ever arise, we can then refer back to our CCTV footage. However, should the thought of posting your valuables is a step too far, or you live within easy travelling distance to us, we now offer a trade counter which you can visit.

We've made the process of selling your unwanted jewellery as quick and straightforward as possible. We've summarised the steps below:

  • Complete our simple claim form. You'll need to give us your basic contact details and tell us what your payment preference is. If you know the weight and purity of your items and you include those details, the printed version of your paperwork will include a valuation estimate based on the rates we're currently paying.
  • Once your claim form has been submitted, you'll be asked to print a copy for signing. If you don't have access to a printer, you can hand write the detail onto a sheet of paper.
  • Follow our guidelines regarding postage and packaging. Royal Mail Special Delivery is very safe and secure. You're package will be guaranteed to be delivered on the next working day and we deal with everything on the day of receipt, Monday to Friday.

No problem. Simply complete our claim form with as much information as possible. Once we receive your gold scrap, we'll test it and let you know what it's worth.

We pay exactly the same rates, whether an item carries a British hallmark or not. Our testing methods allow us to very accutately determine the composition of all items. So, for example, if we receive an unhallmarked piece of 18ct gold, providing it contains 75% gold, that's what we pay out on. If, following our testing an item turns out to be of a lower purity, our prices are adjusted accordingly.

If your home scales aren't accurate enough, don't worry. Once you've completed our claim form and sent us your scrap gold, we'll weigh it (on Trading Standards approved scales) and let you know what it's worth. You can then decide if you wish to sell it, or have us return it at no charge. If you want to value the items yourself and don't have accurate scales, we would suggest using the scales at your Post Office. Put your items in a plain envelope (for discretion) and have a second, identical envelope with you. Weigh the two envelopes separately and subtract the weight of the empty envelope from the weight of the envelope containing your items.

Yes, we buy Platinum jewellery, coins and scrap Platinum. Please see our scrap platinum prices page for our up-to-date rates.

We offer a wide selection of payment options.

  • Direct (BACS) bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Guaranteed same day (CHAPS) payment
  • Charity donation.

We always pay you the best price available. If the price goes up, we'll pay you the higher price.

If the price drops by more than 10%, or if you've opted for a formal valuation, we must seek your permission before issuing payment. You are perfectly at liberty to decline the valuation, in which case we'll return your items at our cost.

We believe so. We regularly monitor the price of scrap gold and adjust our prices accordingly. As we do not have retail or high street premises to maintain, our costs are much lower than our competitors, allowing us to pay you more for your scrap gold.

Incidentally, if you do happen to find another company paying a higher rate than us, please let us know – we'll aim to beat it!